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PP Supersacks

Currently Sold Out

Mostly light colors
all PP, except straps and stitching
varied sources, but all non-toxic, non-hazardous

PP Supersacks 1.
PP Supersacks 1

PP Supersacks 2.
PP Supersacks 2

PP Supersacks 3.
PP Supersacks 3

PP Supersacks 4.
PP Supersacks 4

PP Supersacks 5.
PP Supersacks 5

PP Supersacks 6.
PP Supersacks 6

PP Supersacks 7.
PP Supersacks 7

PP Supersacks 8.
PP Supersacks 8

PP Supersacks 9.
PP Supersacks 9




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TERMS: All transactions with internationally bound goods must be paid in full by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) after loading, prior to shipping, upon presentation of documents, which are to include: company bill of lading, invoice, weight tickets, and four (4) standard inspection pictures of the container as specified by CCIC. If special arrangements with the loading of the container or special documents are to be made, they must submitted in writing and signed by a representative of Phoenix Recycling. A 30% non-refundable deposit must be made prior to Phoenix Recycling picking up the container. Typical turnaround time is one week from the issuance of P.O to the turn-in at the local rail station. All material sold internationally is "as is", with no warranties and/or guarantees.