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Recycling For You

Every company is different. We'll need to hear about your special needs. Many companies feel that their product is not recyclable or reusable, but the truth is that over 90% of the thousands of companies we've contacted can at least eliminate their expensive land-filling cost and many make an additional income on the side. We all know that change is never easy, but contacting us will change your company for the better. We eliminate hassles on trucking, we help eliminate violations of EPA, OSHA, city enforcement, and other agencies' standards, that monitor companies' waste. Also there is no better way to safeguard your product and to see that it does not make it back to the market than to granulate it.

Everything happens on site here. From cradle to grave to the cradle again. Recycling helps save land-filling space and no-one else makes you more money than Phoenix Recycling. Centrally located and in the business over 30 years, We take things no-one else will: mixed, large or complex parts, purges, waste film, your excess or off-grade pellets and regrind, cardboard, paper, skids etc. Phoenix Recycling is the right choice for every responsible company.

Call and make an appointment today, we will come to you, listen to what you want, inspect your facility, offer our advise, and ultimately build a comprehensive recycling program tailored to your needs, designed to improve your company.

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