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Phoenix Recycling Toll Services

Plastic Grinding

Phoenix Recycling has an outstanding grinding operation. Whether you want your own material ground and sent back, simple or complex toll grinding, or looking to sell your scrap, Phoenix Recycling is the most efficient place for all your scrap material. We produce clean material at affordable prices, with very little waste. Our turn-around time in many cases is just a few days. We have three grinders. We take custom orders of virtually all sizes.

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Baling Operation

Phoenix Recycling is also a full-service baler that can handle all materials. Whether you are looking to bale plastic or cardboard, we can handle your loose materials. Our large baler and constant supply help us to keep pricing consistantly low. We have a full warehouse in the heart of Columbus, OH dedicated to servicing your baling needs

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Warehousing and Loading

Phoenix Recycling has thirty years of loading and warehousing service experience. If you have a truckload that comes in and goes out, but you need samples taken, or the freight cost of bringing it in to your warehouse is just too much then contact us. We will prepare the load for an end-user, and keep your sources confidential. We can transfer boxes and split loads for re-directioning.

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Metal Separation

Our most recent service: optic eye technology that will separate both ferrous and non-ferrous metals (i.e Aluminum) from plastics.


Phoenix Recycling is proud to announce that we can now offer fine mesh pulverizing. This can be done to nearly any specification that you might need. If you see a material in our inventory that you like, but need pulverized, or want to pulverize your own, or are just brokering a load that needs to be pulverized, please contact us.

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